Reel Men Fishing Charters

Trips and Rates

1/2 Day, 4 Hr Jetty Fishing Charter
                                          21' Mako     26' Angler **  
1-3 People ……… $350         $450
4    People ………  $400         $500
5    People ………  $450         $550
6    People ………  $500         $600
Year Round Trips
$100 Deposit Required 
More Info about Jetty Fishing Charters
Full Day, 6 Hr Jetty Fishing Charter
                                        21' Mako     26' Angler**  
 1-3 People ……… $550         $650
4    People ………  $600         $700
5    People ………  $650         $750
6    People ………  $700         $800
Year Round Trips
$100 Deposit Required 
More Info about Jetty Fishing Charters
Jetty Trips travel 5-6 miles into the Gulf of Mexico fishing the North and South Jetties that are located at the points of Galveston and Bolivar. These are NOT the short jetties of the beachfront. 
All charters are State Water Trips.

Speckled Trout - East/Jetty

$550 1-4 people, 5 hrs (21'Mako)

$650 first 1-4 people (26' Angler)

Includes live bait if available

$100 Deposit 

West Bay 4 hr Charter (All-Year)
Back Bay, Marsh area/InShore
$550, 1-4 ppl 

$100 Deposit

Shark Hunts, 4 or 6 Hrs (June-August)

21' Mako:  4 People Maximum, Flat Rate Total = $500/4 Hrs, $700/6 Hrs

26' Angler:  $600/4 Hrs or $800/ 6 Hrs, 1-4 people, $50/person, max 6.


$200 Deposit 

8 Mile Rigs-Near Offshore, 6 Hr (May-August)

21' Mako:  4 People Maximum, Flat Rate Total = $750 

26' Angler:  $850, 1-4 people. Add $50/person, max 6.


Weather Permitting. Reschedule or Convert to Jetty trip

$200 Deposit 

The Combo 10 (May-August)  

Different trip types on the 21' Mako, 10 hours, $1200, 4 People Max

$1300 first 1-4 people (26' Angler)

Reschedule or Convert to 2 Jetty trips

$200 Deposit (Non-Refundable)

Island and Bay Cruises

Happy Hour & Sight Seeing Tours

$150 for 2 hrs.

These are run at the end day.

All prices are subject to change due to seasonal demand and fuel and bait costs.

** If we have multiple trips and we book more than 4 people to a party, we reserve the right to assign groups to the each boats. For example, the Angler is a bigger boat and for groups that have
more than 4 people and for trips that travel farther into the Gulf.
For 4 hour jetty trips, Small groups of 1-4 people will be booked on the Makos.
If the Angler is available on the day of the trip, moving boats will be considered at that time. 


Gift Certificates are Available upon Request, just give us a call 281-658-0080

Deposits are required at the time of b​ooking for all trips. 


Deposits may be submitted over the phone with a credit or debit card, or sent by several different types of payment Apps, as well as paid via email invoice. 


The remaining balance is due in CASH dockside at the time of charter.

Debit and Credit Cards cannot accepted dockside.

We do accept Debit, Credit Cards and PayPal for full trip fees in advance and there will be a 3% processing fee of the balance total. 

Apple Pay, Venmo and Zelle are also accepted with no processing fees. 

Cancelations and Rescheduling

Trips cancelled due to bad weather and dangerous conditions will be rescheduled.


Deposits are Non-refundable.


No Refunds for NO SHOWS.


Gratuity is NOT included 

Please remember to tip your Captain!

Rates are priced as GROUP RATES and include gear, bait, fuel, fish cleaning and filleting.

Rates do Not include live shrimp, customers' food, drinks, fishing licenses or gratuity. 

(Live Shrimp may be purchased at market rate separately if available.)


 We have 3 boats. Two 21' Makos and One 26' Angler**.

Deckhands are available for $50 for 4 hours, $75 for 6 hours.

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