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The Reel Story

Reel Men Fishing Charters is a Private, Guided Fishing Charter located in Galveston, Texas.


With multiple charters and trips to choose from, you can choose your BEST FISHING EXPERIENCE that Reel Men Fishing Charters has to offer.


Each Captain is a Skilled & Credentialed Boating  Expert. All are life-long, Experienced Fishermen who have made a career choice to share their skills & Fishing Expertise with YOU!!


Reel Men Fishing Charters takes Pride in our Home-Grown Knowledge of the Gulf Coast. We grew up literally living on the waters' edge of the Gulf. From the Sun Coast of Florida, to the Marshes of Louisiana, all the way to Galveston and the “Texas Deep,” each of us at Reel Men have worked and fished those waters. It is for the love of the Waters of the Gulf that we never left. We have been  making a living by fishing and working the Gulf Coast all of our lives and it is a part of our rich family heritage that we would like to share with you.


Fishing with Reel Men is more than just enjoying a great day out on the water….


Fishing is Our Way of Life.







Real Fishing with Reel Men!!


     Our Reel Men Captains are Fully

     Insured and Maintain Valid Texas

     Guide & USGC Licenses.


     Each of Our Captains can boast of

     Life-long Experience and Success

     Fishing the Gulf Coast.


     They KNOW the best places to

     find your catch, so YOU too will

     have fish tales to Show and Tell.


Scroll to see pictures of our boats
2014 and 2015 21' Makos
26' Angler and 23' Edgewater


Let Our Reel Men Take YOU Fishing and Create 

Your Next Fishing Experience!!

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